Non Profit Support

Sponsorship is a great way to support non-profit organizations in your community and nation-wide.

A business or individual can choose to donate recycling earnings to a non–profit of choice or one of the non-profits on our links page.

Sponsorship of a non-profit can continue as long as you like. If you wish to change non-profits to donate to, or would like to keep the money for your own business, simply log on to your customer database and change the information.

Options for Sponsorship:

  • A business or individual can register to receive shipping labels and send cartridges directly to Advantage.
  • The check can be sent directly to the non-profit or can be sent to your business or home so that you can present the check to the organization.
  • A business or individual can donate the cartridges and deliver them to the non-profit organization. The non-profit organization can register their account with Advantage and do the shipping to collect the recycling earnings.