Electronic Recycling/IT Asset Management

Certified Computer and Electronics Recycling for Fort Wayne, IN and Surrounding Area

Recycling computers and electronics in Fort Wayne is easy with Advantage Recycling! We provide a white-glove, secure electronics recycling process at our Indiana recycling center. 

Call us at 260-747-9941 or contact us by email at greg@advantagerecycling.com to schedule a recycling drop-off.


Advantage Recycling specializes in providing IT Asset Disposition services

We provide this service to businesses and organizations throughout Fort Wayne. We provide a combination of electronic recycling and liquidation for your old electronics, which often includes auditing the devices we pick up from your location or for smaller quantities that you drop off to us, generating an audit report on those items so that their fair value can be determined. Our check-in/check-out system streamlines our process as well as making it simple and secure!



Full-Service Computer Liquidator and Secure Data Destruction

With Advantage Electronics Recycling, you never have to worry about the end-of-life status of your electronics. We are an IDEM Certified recycling company. We know how important it is for our customers to be on top of their equipment life cycle from day one until they reach an EOL (end-of-life) point. When you need help with this process, thats where we come in, with certified data destruction.

What types of electronic equipment and computer parts are recyclable?

Advantage Recycling offers a full electronics recycling service. We recycle a full range of electronic equipment.

Do you take computers?

Yes, we take most laptops, desktops, & servers!

What about laptops?

Yes, we take most brands of laptops including older Macbooks and Windows.

What about cell phones?

Yes, we take any cell phone.

Do you take networking equipment?

Yes, we take networking equipment including old switches, routers, and hubs.

Do you take printers?

Yes we take both residential and commercial grade printers.

Do you take copy machines?

Yes, we take most models of both residential and commercial copy machines.

Do you take servers?

Yes we do.

Do you take printer ink cartridges?

Yes we do, we take many brands and types of printer ink cartridges.

Do you take Monitors?

Yes, we take monitors.

What about other kinds of electronics?

We take most electronics but call before you plan to drop something off and we’ll let you know if we can take it.